Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Starlight and Time with Dr. Russell Humphreys

Starlight and Time with Dr. Russell Humphreys

Dr Russell Humphreys' white hole cosmology deals is a scientifically sound solution to the distant star light problem of Creation Science based on the physics of Einstein's relativity.

Video on Science and Politics

Video on Science and Politics

When ever science and politics interact science is more often than not the looser. This does not mean that all interactions between science and government are negative but the overall affect on science is negative. The Reason for this is that politics is about acquiring and holding on to power and not knowledge. In fact politics often is destructive to knowledge since ignorant people are easier to control. Further more politicians are often not really interested is the science but sending money to their districts. The biggest example of this is manned space flight which has stagnated for 30 years under government control. Even worst government often favors some lines of research over others in funding, education, and recognition. Some times government favors one side in a scientific dispute over others. The best examples are in origins research and climate research.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Quantum Physics and Free Will

Quantum Physics and Free Will form a pair that is taking on the establishment in neuroscience to answer the qusetion od the mind brain problem, The question is are the mind and brain one and the same (monism) or are they different entries. (dualism) A proper understanding of this relationship is important to a correct understanding of the human mind. A totally naturalistic view of the mind requires that the mind can be nothing but a by product of the brain. This assumption forces all phenomenon of the mind
including consciences to be products of the brain even if that explanation does not fully explain the phenomenon.

Quantum Mechanics has destroyed the determinism argument of monism on free will because the uncertainty principle destroys determinism showing free will to be possible and the need of quantum tunneling on demand for the brain to fuction have shows the need for a deualistic aproach.

Yeast designed for rapid adaptation to stressful environments

Yeast designed for rapid adaptation to stressful environments

Studies at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research have reportrf that when yeast is placed in a stressful environment that their genomes become less stable. The yeast genomes shows added flexibility involving losing or acquiring enter chromosomes so as to adapt rapidly The leader of the study Dr. Rong Li, Ph.D said "Cells employ intricate control mechanisms to maintain genomic stability and prevent abnormal chromosome numbers. We found that under stress cellular mechanisms ensuring chromosome transmission fidelity are relaxed to allow the emergence of progeny cells with diverse aneuploid chromosome numbers, producing a population with large genetic variation."

From a creation perspective this in not a problem but something that current creation science models of post Flood adaptation predicts. It shows that the animals that came off of the Ark could have quickly adapted to post Flood environment which would have been stressful.

Debate in Science

Debate is important to science because it is a way in science of dealing with disputes over theory since in an ideal situation both sides get to make their case. The benefits of debate are that both sides get to make their case and get to a chance to learn about the other side and their own side as well. It works best when both sides are given equal footing respect which doses not always happen. The main problem is that debate seldom settles the dispute and one side can actually get insulting ruining the discussion. In practice it is only as useful as the participants’ ability to learn from it. If no one learns anything from a debate it’s a waste of time.

The beginning of life and Entropy

Entropy and beginning of life

The affect of energy on the entropy of a system applied to the origin of life demostraits that abiogenesis is a thermodynamic impossibility. This is a result of a thermodynamic prinsiple that shows getting order from diorder requaiers applying energy with at least the same degree of order the degree o order to be acheaved and that intelligence is the only phenomenon that has sufficent order to startup biological life.

Ethiopian Volcano Causes Catastrophic Geology

Ethiopian Volcano erupted in 2005 opening a 35 mile rift in just few days demostrating Catastrophic Geology.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Muon Catalysed Fusion - Real Cold Fusion

Muon Catalysed Fusion - Real Cold Fusion

This is a real type of cold fusion that replaces the electron a hydrogen atom with a muon. Being more massive than electrons they tend to "orbit" closer to the nucleus than an electron would allowing them to capture two hydrogen atoms forcing them to fuse.

Antibiotics Resistance existed before Antibiotics

Antibiotics Resistance existed before Antibiotics

Studying DNA from bacteria in permafrost researchers found the same set of genes that are responsible for antibiotics resistance. This means that these genes predated the antibiotics suchr that antibiotics resistance did not evolve in response to antibiotics but was already present in the population. The claim that antibiotics resistance is evolution in action was always a verbal slight of hand where a term is used with two different meaning. In claiming that antibiotics resistance is evolution in action evolutionists are using the word evolution in a minimal sense that simply means change, but they do so fully aware that the average person

Repeatability in Science

Video on Repeatability in Science

The conceptof Repeatability is based on the assumption that physical laws are the same every where such that if an experiment conducted by one scientist it should work for any other scientist thus providing is a way of double checking results. It process works best on lab experiments were variables can be controlled so that replication can be as
complete as possible.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Video on the Inside of a Cell

This video is an animation on how the digitally encoded information in DNA is translated for use in protein synthesis Inside of a Cell.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Scientists produce an artificial cell membrane

Scientists produce an artificial cell membrane but it is along way from producing an artificial cell. It needs to be noted that htis proves nothing about the orgins of real cell membrane since they used a different process to make these membranes They al so did this in a controled environment and not natural conditions.

Video on Theoretical Systems

Watch this video on theoretical systems

Commonly called a paradigm, a theoretical System is the structure of concepts used by a scientific community
forming the bases for developing testable theories and interpreting data. A theoretical system is accepted as true by the scientific community that uses it and it is generally fixed and not subject to change with new data. This is true only of the core concepts to which theoretical patches are often added to make a theoretical system fit reality when reality is not what was originally expected.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Video Comparison of Star Sizes

Video Comparison of Star Sizes

This video will really give you a sense of perspective.

So be ready to feel small, vary vary vary vary vary... vary small

Mercury's magnetic field fits Russell Humphreys' Dynamic Decay theory

Mercury’s magnetic field fits creation model


Evolutionary astronomers are puzzled over Mercury’s magnetic field first it has decayed considerably, now it’s been found to be off centered by 20% of the planets radius. The decay fits what Humphreys has predicted and hi theory readily explains how it can be off center like it is.




------ Charles Creager Jr.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Evaporating Mercury Size Planet Found

Evaporating Mercury Size Planet Found

The Kepler Telescope has found evidence for a mercury size planet orbiting so close to its star that its rock is actually evaporating.

Video on Special and General Relativity

Video on Special and General Relativity

This is a four part video on Special Relativity and General Relativity. It
provides a fairly good presentation of both theories and their development. All
four parts provide an excellent visual look at the concepts of Special and
General Relativity. It is intended mainly for scientific layman and so it is
done on that level.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Women seen as the Biggest mystery of the universe by Stephen Hawking

Sounding like doc Brown from Back to The Future, while being interviewed with regard to his 7-th birth day Stephen Hawking called women a complete mystery, suggesting that they are the biggest mystery of the universe. For a man use to pondering things like quantum physics, general relativity, and black holes this is a rather profound statement.

As a fellow physicist I can fully understand his predicament thing like space, time and the vary nature of reality as complicated as they are, are still less mysterious than women. Space time can be understood by way of mathematical equations, but no one has yet found an equation that describes women.

He also referred to the idea that information is destroyed in black holes as his biggest blunder. He was naturally referring to as a physicist, since it could be argued that his biggest blunder is turning his back on God by becoming an atheist.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Phosphorus atom prevent nano- weirs from going Quantum

A recent discovery expands how small shrinking micro circuitry get. Normally nanometer scale wires exhibit quantum mechanical behavior affecting their electrical resistance. Resent experiments that added phosphorus atoms to the wire have prevented this from happening because the electrons from the phosphorus move more freely.

Computer development is reaching the smallest size that circuits can reach before quantum mechanics becomes a problem. This reduces that point further making further miniaturization possible. The ultimate solution is the development of quantum computers which are only in the earliest stage of development. This discovery extends the time to develop quantum computers several more years.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Alka-Seltzer in water in zeroG

Here is an interesting little side experiment from the International Space Station where and Alka-Seltzer tablet is put in to a sphere of water in zeroG. The results are actually some what surprising. The bubbles collect in the water sphere even coalescing into untimely two big ones.
Now before any one goes writing their congress men about the waste tax payer dollars, note that this in not their mission. This is the type of thing astronauts do to have a little fun after a long hard day of the real work.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Earth may have hundreds of tiny moons

The asteroid is called 2006 RH120, and oddly enough from about 7/2006 to about 7/2007 it was a temporary moon of the Earth. Being only a few meters across and it was first thought to be a spent rocket stage but further studies showed it to be an asteroid.

The discovery of 2006 RH120 lead to a computer study that shows that at any given time the Earth probably has as many as 100 of the tiny moons at any given time, but they drift in and out of Earth orbit after staying around for a few months to a few hundred years. They tend to be small and dim making them hard to find but it is still an interesting discovery.

One value to search for them is that some are likely small enough to bring to Earth for study. Also the possibility exists of doing so a mining operation. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On Order from Disorder

Statistical Entropy

Statistical Entropy:The application of probability theory to the  principle of entropy in thermodynamicis. This shows entropy ito be a measure of the amount of disorder in a system. The mathematical relationship is as follows.  
  1. The number of equivalent microstates (number of possible ways a given condition to occur) is denoted as W.
  2. Entropy is denoted as S
  3. k is the Boltzmann Constant = 1.38 X 10-23 JL-1

S = k ln W

The larger W is the more disordered the system and the larger a system’s entropy.
The smaller W is the more ordered the system is the more disordered it is and the smaller a system’s entropy.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics

The Second Law of Thermodynamics indicates that entropy tends to increase and because entropy is related to disorder, it also indicates that a system’s degree of disorder tends to increase. The only way to decrease a system’s entropy and increase its order is for work to be performed on the system. Now the Second Law of thermodynamics shows that energy applied a system can reduce its entropy but it does not show how the manner in which energy is applied affects entropy that is it does not show the deference between construction work and a bomb. Getting order from disorder requires an additional principle, a principle that relates entropy and energy.

Order from Disorder

This additional principle is based on the relationship between the degree of order or disorder with which energy is applied to a system and the degree of order or disorder that it produces in that system.

The result is that energy applied to a system in a manner more ordered than that system’s degree of order increases the system’s order and decreases its entropy. On the other hand energy applied to a system in a manner more disordered than that system’s degree of disorder increases the system’s disorder and increases its entropy. The mathematical relationship is as follows.
  1. .Number of equivalent microstates of the applied energy is We .
  2. Number of initial equivalent microstates of the system is Ws .
  3. The change in entropy is denoted as DS.
  4. k is the Boltzmann Constant = 1.38 X 10-23 JL-1.

This shows the general direction that applying energy to a system will move the entropy of that system as well as the maximum change in the systems entropy but the actual change in entropy results from the amount of energy actually applied to the system .

Reduced to it simplest form this principle can be described in two statements:
  1. The general application of energy to a system in a manner more random than that system will increase the entropy of that system.
  2. The general application of energy to a system in a manner less random than that system will decrease the entropy of that system.
This shows the difference between construction work and a bomb because construction work is less random than that of the raw material and so it decreases its entropy. By contrast a bomb explosion is more random than that of the raw material so it decreases its entropy.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Dinosaurs have They Lived with Man?

According to establishment paleontology dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago but in doing so they ignore evidence from history and modern times of living dinosaurs. The claim is usually made that these are antidotal accounts with no physical evidence. The term antidotal account is a derogatory term used to justify the dismissal of eye witness accounts of thing whose existence they wish to dismiss. It ignores the fact that much of recorded history is based on eye witness accounts with no physical evidence. Even when some one produces a picture is dismissed out of hand. Maybe if these accounts were taken a little more seriously maybe some physical evidence would be found.

There are numerous accounts of living dinosaurs through out history. Now they are not called dinosaurs in these accounts because the word dinosaur was not invented until 1841. Before the there was another word that was used to referrer to these animals and that word was dragons. Today dragons have been relegated to mythology and accounts of them being seen alive in history are dismissed as myths despite the fact that many dragon sightings are part of historical accounts. There are records and artifacts of living dinosaurs from cultures around the world. One example from Ica, Peru is known as the Ica stones. The stones were carved 500-1500 AD and they depict many aspects of life including some that have people with dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs are in the Bible, they are mentions dragons 37 times 6 of which are with known real animals. The book Job also describes an animal called Behemoth in Job 40:15-24 the description of which matches a sauropod dinosaur. It also refers to pterodactyls by the term flying serpents and in both cases with known real animals. Even if you don’t believe the Bible these references are significant.

Finally some dinosaurs may still be alive. There have been numerous reports of dinosaurs, pterodactyls and large aquatic reptiles still living today. Most reports come from remote place in Africa, South America, and Asia but these accounts do exist but are never taken seriously enough by establishment paleontology to be followed up on. One example from the Congo is a possible sauropod dinosaur called Mokele Mbembe.

Now there are on this subject both hardcore skeptics dismiss all accounts out of hand and gullible believers that take accept all accounts with out any discretion at all. The best position is to take these accounts seriously enough to look into them, bit also realize that there have been hoaxes and misidentifications. The key is that you need to be open to the possibility but not be gullible at the same time. Claims should be investigated when possible and picture examined with scrutiny. However out right dismissals is just as bad as gullible belief.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Video on Faster Than Light Neutrinos

There’s a common mistake that this is a problem for relativity but it is not. Relativity forbids is accelerating up to and past the speed of light but does not for bid particles that naturally travel faster than the speed of light. Such particles have been speculated about for decades under name tachyons.

The only real difficulty is that neutrinos have a small but real rest mass and so should not be traveling faster than the speed of light. In that case the issue is most likely with our understanding of neutrinos and relativity

Quantum Mechanics allows particles to skip part of space instantly and so could be clocked at faster than the speed of light while going sub-light through the space it actually goes through. This is the most likely explanation of this observation given calculations from India.  See in Faster Than Light Neutrinos Fl aw Found.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Zero Point Energy Detected

According to quantum mechanics even the most total vacuum in not totally empty but ha a minimum energy level known as zero point energy. From this zero point energy particles cautiously pop in and out of existence. As strange as this may sound it is an aspect of quantum mechanics.

 Manny have dreamed of tapping this vacuum zero point energy since it would be a limitless supply of clean free energy.  However so far not confirmed way of taping this as energy source as been demonstrated. Though this has been demonstrated by the Casimir effect no way had been shown to actually turn this into usable energy.

 A new experiment conducted by Chris Wilson at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden has actually pulled photons from this vacuum energy using a superconductor and a type of quantum oscillator that moved electrons a quarter the speed of light. This caused virtual photons to absorb some the electron’s kinetic energy which is then radiated by form pairs of real photons. Called the dynamical Casimir effect this is the first time it’s been observed. While this effect can not produce more energy than is need to cause it, along with the regular Casimir effect, it does show that this vacuum zero point energy is real and that it can be interacted with. Maybe some day a way of tapping it will be found.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Antibiotics Resistance existed before the Antibiotics

For years now the growing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics has been claimed as evolution in action. However recent now show that antibiotics resistance existed long before the antibiotics were invented.

After studying the DNA in bacteria found in permafrost that had been dated to 30,000 years the researchers found the same set of genes that are responsible for antibiotics resistance showing that the predated the antibiotics. This shows that antibiotics resistance did not evolve in response to antibiotics but was already present in the population.

The net result is that antibiotics resistance can no longer be claimed as evolution in action. It does represent an shift in the population but not new information added to the genome but long existing information come into dominance.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hyperclusters of Galaxies are to Big for Big Bang

According to the Big Bang Cosmology the Universe started out with matter vary smoothly spread through out space, with just small variations. It is thought that gravity amplified these small variations producing the galaxies and galaxy clusters seen to day. Because of the expansion of space it also predicts that such structures should not be more a few hundred million light years across.

However recently hyperclusters of galaxies have been discovered that are more than 3 billion light years across. This poses a problem for the Big Bang Cosmology which actually had already failed to predict the accelerating expansion of the universe now it’s blown this one. By the way these two are just the biggest Big Bang blunders but there are others.

This raises a question that since science is about testability and theories are test by the accuracy of their predictions, how many failed predictions will it take for the Big Bang to even be questioned.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vegetative State Patients Communicate through MRI

A recent MRI study of vegetative state patients has shown an ability to communicate in terms of yes and no answers by way of the MRI. This shows that patients still have a conscious existence but just can not normally break through and communicate.  It vindicates the claims of families that their vegetative state family member was showing signs of responding to them. This signs have normally been dismissed by doctors as reflect actions but this study suggests that the families were right after all.

While not necessarily proof of the existence of the sole, such results are what one might see if the mined is separate from the brain. In such cases the brain may be all but gone but the person is still there but simply has a problem reaching out to the outside world. In such a case the person would seem largely unresponsive but might be able make small efforts such as moving eyelids that could be interpreted as reflexive.

However the statuesque in neuroscience is the totally naturalistic and so it is natural for them to dismiss any reaction of vegetative state patients as totally reflexive. On factor against this totally naturalistic view is evidence that synaptic activity requires quantum tunneling on demand that has a 1 in 10 million chance of happening such that the mind has to be independent of synaptic activity and capable of controlling it, suggesting the existence of the sole.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Stephen Hawking shows anti-religious attitude.

Science and religion are often seen as being in conflict, but as Stephen Hawking recently demonstrated recently most of the conflict results from the anti-religion position of atheists like himself. It is the insistence of such people on assuming that God and the supernatural do not exist that cusses the conflict. This is because if you start with the assumption that something does not exist you will produce theories constant with that assumption.

When asked if religion and science could be reconciled Hawking said. "There is a fundamental difference between religion, which is based on authority, and science, which is based on observation and reason. Science will win because it works." However this not an accurate statement since it is not totally accurate ether science or religion.

For example while Christians see the Bible authoritative, reading and understanding it is up to the individual Christian not just ministers. Nor are Christians required to take a pastor’s preaching at face value but are encouraged to compare it to the Bible. Further more much of the Bible is a result of the observation of events often witnessed by the human authors. The bases of the resurrection of Jesus is not some vision but on the reports of men and women who saw the risen Jesus themselves. Even today we can go to Jerusalem in Israel and observe the empty tomb for ourselves.

On the other hand while science is ideally based on observation and reason. This is not always the case. Stephen Hawking is actually a good example of this because he personally does little if any actual observation, but most of his work is the result of theorizing within his own mind. Furthermore, little if any of his work has produced testable predictions that have ever been successfully tested by observation. Despite this he himself is seen as an authority in science with some people taking his every word as truth with as much unquestioning faith as is seen in the most gullible regions person you could know.

The point is that in his ABC news interview he showed clear contempt for religion, and there by showed the real source of conflict between science and religion. That is atheistic control of establishment institutions.