Friday, January 6, 2012

Zero Point Energy Detected

According to quantum mechanics even the most total vacuum in not totally empty but ha a minimum energy level known as zero point energy. From this zero point energy particles cautiously pop in and out of existence. As strange as this may sound it is an aspect of quantum mechanics.

 Manny have dreamed of tapping this vacuum zero point energy since it would be a limitless supply of clean free energy.  However so far not confirmed way of taping this as energy source as been demonstrated. Though this has been demonstrated by the Casimir effect no way had been shown to actually turn this into usable energy.

 A new experiment conducted by Chris Wilson at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden has actually pulled photons from this vacuum energy using a superconductor and a type of quantum oscillator that moved electrons a quarter the speed of light. This caused virtual photons to absorb some the electron’s kinetic energy which is then radiated by form pairs of real photons. Called the dynamical Casimir effect this is the first time it’s been observed. While this effect can not produce more energy than is need to cause it, along with the regular Casimir effect, it does show that this vacuum zero point energy is real and that it can be interacted with. Maybe some day a way of tapping it will be found.

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