Monday, January 30, 2012

Quantum Physics and Free Will

Quantum Physics and Free Will form a pair that is taking on the establishment in neuroscience to answer the qusetion od the mind brain problem, The question is are the mind and brain one and the same (monism) or are they different entries. (dualism) A proper understanding of this relationship is important to a correct understanding of the human mind. A totally naturalistic view of the mind requires that the mind can be nothing but a by product of the brain. This assumption forces all phenomenon of the mind
including consciences to be products of the brain even if that explanation does not fully explain the phenomenon.

Quantum Mechanics has destroyed the determinism argument of monism on free will because the uncertainty principle destroys determinism showing free will to be possible and the need of quantum tunneling on demand for the brain to fuction have shows the need for a deualistic aproach.

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