Thursday, September 1, 2011

Big Foot

Known to American Indians as Sasquatch, Big foot has become legendary because reports persist to the present. It is called Big foot from the large foot prints the leave behind.
The Patterson Film is the most famous footage of Big Foot is known. Taken by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin in 1967 at a range of approximately 100 feet, it is the most famous imagery of Big Foot. There are those that claim this film was a hoax but even if it is; there many other sightings suggesting that Big Foot could be a real animal.

The Yeti of Asia; also known as the abominable snow man; is found mainly in the Himalayas leaves the same large prints as Sasquatch.

There are problems in establishing their existence, ibecause the eye witness accounts are not taken seriously by zoologists. The result is that efforts to scientifically investigate the claims are under funded and unfortunately there are hoaxes which muddy the water even more.

If they are real, Big Foot’s most likely identity is Gigantopithecus. It is thought to be extinct. While most of its fossils are found in Southeast Asia, migration to North America not impossible. It would stand at 10 feet and would be a prefect match for Big foot. If Big Foot is proven to be Gigantopithecus it would qualify as a living fossil.

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