Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Abiogenesis and Entropy

One of the most important topics in science is the origin of life  it just as important in religion and philosophy. This topic gets to the hart of what and who we are, meaning that getting the correct answer is important. 

From a religious perspective and in particular the monotheistic religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, God created life in general as well as man kind.  Looking at it from a naturalistic - atheistic perspective life is assumed to have arisen by totally natural process in what is called abiogenesis.

A scientific look at both possibilities should tell us which view is the correct view of the origin of life. There exists a principle of thermodynamics that tells us how a given manner of applying energy to a system affects that system’s entropy. This concept can be stated in two simple statements:

If energy is applied to a system in a manner more ordered than that system’s degree of order then it increases the system’s order decreasing the entropy of that system. 

If energy is applied to a system in a manner more disordered than that system’s degree of disorder then it increases the system’s disorder increasing the entropy of that system.

The above video shows that when this principle is applied to the problem of the origin of life the results show that naturalistic abiogenesis is a thermodynamic impossibility.

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