Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Science and Religion

"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind." Said Albert Einstein

Science and religion are often seen as rivals this is because establishment science and religion some times have conflicts. This a result the Scientific Establishment refusing to allow any consideration of God or the supernatural.  When allowed to do so science and religion can compliment each other. That fact is that religion can inspire scientific research and science can help the understanding of religion.

The point is that science and religion can complement each other. However this requires that science to be open to religious or supernatural concepts. Refusing to even consider religious concepts is being antagonistic to religion.

The scientific establishment refuses any consideration of the supernatural. As a result, when ever religion and mainstream science deal with the same topic there will be conflict.  

This conflict is most evident in origins research where the denial of the supernatural eliminates all consideration of God.  Since God is excluded before any evidence is considered, all attempts to include intelligent involvement in origins is fought passionately. This makes the scientific establishment actively antagonistic to religion and specifically creationists.

The scientific establishment is at fault because they have excluded God and the supernatural right from the start. No consideration of intelligent involvement in origins is allowed and they are antagonistic toward those who violate these rules.

A classic example is Richard Sternberg; a devout evolutionist; who was editor of The Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington in 2004. After he authorized the publication of a paper by Dr. Stephen Meyer that had passed peer-review. The paper “The Origin of Biological Information and the Higher Taxonomic Categories” presented scientific evidence for intelligent design in biology. His decision to publish this paper resulted in persecution by the Smithsonian and the National Center for Science Education and he was forced from his position as editor of this journal. As a result it is likely that no other editor would risk the same fate by publishing an ID friendly paper.

The real controversy is that by refusing any consideration of God the scientific establishment is pushing atheism. So the real controversy is not science vs. religion not Creation vs. Evolution. The real controversy IS Atheism vs. Theism.

In Conclusion the scientific establishment refuses any consideration of God and no dissent on this is tolerated. They have effectively declared war on God and the controversy results form the refusal of theists to bow the knee to atheism.

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